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CPGRI Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CPGRI?

CharterCARE Provider Group RI, LLC

Who is Prospect?

We are the managing company for your Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plan

Why do I need to be part of Prospect?

You were auto assigned to Prospect by Blue Cross/Blue Shield for health plan    assignments which is for your Medicare benefits

My PCP does not know anything about the letter sent out to me. 

The letter was sent to you for information purposes only. We are asking to please present the attached card when you are admitted to a hospital. 

Does Prospect have offices in Rhode Island?

We have administrative offices only in Rhode Island

Do I have to pay any fee to have Prospect as my medical group?

No fee is required to belong to Prospect. We are the managing company for your health care needs.

What about my Health Plan?

Your health plan will not change, you will continue to have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and continue to utilize it as you have done in the past. 

What if I do not want to be part of Prospect?

You will have to contact Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but again, we are only the managing company for your health care needs and nothing has changed. 

What if I want to keep or change my Primary Doctor?

Your PCP will remain the same but if at any time you wish to make a change of your PCP, we can assist you with calling the health plan or you may call on your own when it is convenient for you

What are your operating hours to call into Customer Service?

We can be reached, Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

Why do I need referrals to go see a specialist? I can go anytime with my health plan, right?

Yes, you can go to any specialist under your Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan without authorization. If you doctor submits a referral to us, we will process it accordingly.  If you do go to a specialist without authorization, please make sure they are contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
The Blue Cross/Blue Shield claims are paid by the health plan
The Rhode Island referrals are processed here in Orange by Medical Management
The Network Manager is: Lori Meo and she can be reached at: 401-214-3532